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How to Stay Healthy with the Balanced Diet


You have to concern to several issues regarding the food you eat. You must consider whether you eat the healthy or unhealthy food. It is because some tasty food can be the poison in your stomach. Nowadays, there are many modified food. Perhaps the taste of this food is delicious. But, sometimes it can harm your body. Another food issue is the vegetarianism. The vegan indulges in the abstinence from the animal food. Some people become the vegan because of the spiritual ascent. Besides, other people only follow the trend. Then, we have to decide what is the best directive to achieve the healthy living?

Every person is connected to the ground of the birth. Hence, the health of each person depends on the food which is produced from the soil. Besides, the quality of the food also depends on the harvest time. This way, you can have the maximum benefits if you consume the food produced in the season. For instance, in the season of yam, many people will consume this kind of food. Strawberry will be consumed more in the time of strawberry harvest.


But, you have to note that the cosmic duties of the animals are the provision of the food for the human. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you eat the animal. But, the most important thing is not to make the animal feel suffered unnecessarily. Even those animals are not the pet, we have to treat them with love. The evolution of the millennia tends to move from the animal protein. Besides, others try to move gradually. They switch the red meat into white meat. As the example, they stop eating beef. They prefer eating chicken or fish. Some of them also move to eat the seafood. Then, Finally, they become the vegetarians.

In fact, there is nothing wrong to be a vegetarian. As long as they consume the balanced diet, they can be healthy. It is because we can get the protein intake not only from the animal meat. We also can get the protein from the vegetable or nuts. We can say that this kind of protein is much healthier. It contains less cholesterol. So, it does not matter if we consume much vegetable and nuts. But, the expert recommends having the vegetable diet within twenty-one days. This way, we can achieve the purification. It also helps you to alleviate several ailments. So, you can be a vegetarian as long as your health requires it.

In short, vegetarianism will not increase the spirituality. It may be able to hamper it. Sometimes it can weaken your body. You have to note that the nutrient in the vegetables may not give the energy as much as the meat gives. So, if you want to have the strong body, you still need to consume the meat. But, eating the red meat too much is also not good. You should have the balanced diet in order to maintain your health. You should contact the pediatrician if necessary. This way, you can discuss the nutrient that your body needs.

McdVoice – Find McDonalds Near Me and Join McDonald's Survey 2018

McdVoice Near.png

McDonalds creates the online survey portal which is called as McdVoice. Are you a part of McDonald's Lover? You don't need to hesitate to be a part of its development. The first thing that you must do is about to find out the nearest location of McDonalds Restaurant, then share your McDonalds Feedback at www.McdVoice.com. For the detail information about this online survey, you can visit Carbon Collaborative and catch your real understanding about this customer survey. Enjoy surveying!

McdVoice Near.png

About McDonald's Restaurant

McDonald's is one of the largest American Fast Food Chain. The first operation of this restaurant was in 1940 with its barbecue restaurant style. Year after year, this fast food chain becomes bigger and bigger into some styles of restaurant. With its original flavor and services, this restaurant has been successful in more than three thousand stores worldwide. At least, there are more than a hundred country has walked together with this company.

About McDonalds Near Me

For its specific, McDonalds Restaurant boasts more than 35.000 stores in more than 115 countries across the United States, and the other country in the world. Every day, this restaurant serves more than 68 million customers. McDonald's Outlet runs several kinds of the team member, such as an associate, franchising, and the company itself. Because of a large number of its team, McDonald's created a menu which the customers can find the nearest McDonalds Locations. And, here the steps are:

  • Step one:

At first, the customers should open McDonald's Official Website at ww.McDonalds.com. Once they reached that website address, they can choose the menu “Locate” at the top right side of the site.

  • Step two:

The second, they should enter the location. At that time, they can state the city or state. Or even, they can locate by the zip code.

  • Step three:

Then, they can select the miles involved. The miles choices have been available from 5 to 50 miles of your current position.

  • Step four:

You may click on your order choices. In this case, you can choose between Mobile Ordering, Deals, Drive-Thru, and much more choices.

  • Step five:

At last, you can click on “Submit” button. Even if you dislike this way, you can select the simple one by lead the site locate your position. To deal this way, you can click on the menu “Locate Me”. This site will automatically search the nearest McDonald's Location based on your position.

Another way that you can do is about to find out through Google Map Application. You may open or visit its website and locate McDonalds Near Me. On the search bar, you only need to write down McDonalds Near Me, and the map will lead you to find the best one.

About McdVoice

McdVoice is the online customer survey which is held by McDonald's, Inc. Mcdonald's Customer can access McdVoice Survey at www.McDonalds.com. Through this online survey portal, they can share their feedback and assess McDonald's Performance. Without wasting their much time, McDonalds Survey only spends around five to ten minutes. Is that great?

About McdVoice Step by Step

After knowing what McdVoice is, it is the turn to learn about the step by step in this guest satisfaction survey. At first, the survey takers should be sure that they have a stable internet connection so they can run all McdVoice Survey Sections without any connection troubles. And here the step by step is:

  • Step one, the survey takers can visit McdVoice.com. Once they got the McdVoice Survey Landing Page, they can choose the preferred languages. At first, it will be available in English, but when you are not confident with it, you can choose it to Espanol.
  • Step two: they can start the survey by write down 26-digit numbers of McdVoice Survey Code. Even if you don't have the code, you can click on the menu above the picture. Once you clicked on that menu, the site will allow starting McdVoice by giving some information about McDonalds Store Number, Date and Time of visit, Amount Spent, and much more.
  • Step three: You can complete a series of questionnaires. In this case, you will meet two sections of the survey. Those are the like-scale questionnaire, and open-ended questionnaires which you can write down your issues and recommendations.
  • Step four: At last, the validation code will appear on your screen. You may write it down on your McDonald's Receipt. Before it, you can support your feedback on your personal information such as your name, email, and phone numbers.

By joining McdVoice, the survey takers will get the opportunity to win McDonald's Coupon Code. As a high appreciation for the survey, they can enjoy a free meal based on the amount of that McDonalds Coupon. So what do you wait for guys? Let's Join McdVoice Survey and take its coupon.

How to Shop for Free in Famous Markets (2018 Tips to Follow)


If you love shopping, you must know the feeling of the ultimate happiness you get when you find some best items with super discounts. In this case, you cannot miss this chance as it may not come twice. But, it will be smarter if you get a gift card or discount coupons that you can use for the next visit. Bringtolightnyc.org has the answer for your problem. It is a good website that provides you all information on how to get $5 to $2,500 cash and gift card, as well as discount coupons. Aren’t you curious about it?

The only tip that you are going to do is to visit the website and find what you can get from it. Here are the best benefits that you can claim now, such as:

* Benefit #1: Supermarkets Customer Shopping Experience Survey

The first benefit that you can achieve from the website is that you can start to access some surveys held by market chains. Not to mention, you can get discount coupons from Payless, Nike, Winn Dixie, Dollar General, and so on. Besides, you can also get cash from the survey sweepstakes program. Mostly, you can complete the surveys in less than fifteen minutes. And then, you will get a validation code, or you can call a discount coupon code.


For the gift cards, you will have to wait for some days to wait for the announcement. If you are the winner, the survey team then will contact you and give you the rewards. And it will be fantastic as you can use the gift card at the markets. Indeed, all you need to have to join the survey sweepstakes program is by having a recent receipt. The receipt, in this case, has the survey invitation code that you can use to enter the survey.

* Benefit #2: Restaurants Customer Satisfaction Survey

The next benefit you can get is the information about restaurants surveys that will reward you free meals. Some famous restaurants hold surveys with interesting rewards. They are such as Burger King, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Panda Express, and so on. You will also get a validation code as the sign that you get the discount coupon or free lunch voucher. You can then redeem your coupon code at the fast food stores you participate in.

If you want more pleasant ones, you can grab your friends or family to join the sweepstakes program. So that you know, some restaurants also provide surveys that the prizes are cash. And of course, you can take part as long as you own the receipt. Then, you can go to the main website of the restaurant to enter the survey. If you have completed the survey, then you can enter the sweepstakes. You can get the validation code that you can redeem at the restaurant.

* Benefit #3: Hot Promotions

Another best thing that you can achieve is the information about hot promotions held by some big companies. Not to mention, you can get free cookies, free ice creams, and others on your birthday. Some restaurants also offer the customers to take free items on certain days. You can come over and claim your free items at the restaurant. You do not need to pay a single coin as it is the promotions for all customers.

And, you can gain all of this information at bringtolightnyc.org. You do not need to worry as all information provided is reliable and up to date. It is okay if you take as many surveys as you can for the sake of the prizes. So, best luck in shopping for free! Fellas!

Feedback4OldNavy – The Steps to Join in Old Navy Satisfaction Survey


Losing someone special in our life is such as a sad situation. Moreover, when you lose him/her because he/she betrays you with someone new, you will think that this world is unfair. Well, why do you still cry in your room because of him/her? Come on! You need to change your style and upgrade your performance. Old Navy Fashion Store is the best choice to make you fresh and up to date. Then, you may get a free discount from Feedback4OldNavy and complete your Old Navy Satisfaction Survey. Best luck!

About Old Navy

Old Navy is one of the biggest American Fashion and Accessories store. Its official base is in the California United States. Until now, it has expanded to more than a thousand stores in more than a thousand locations. Even, its branches go around USA, Canada, and even China and Taiwan. Since 1994, it has been offering the style of family-oriented as its store’s concept. As a result, this store becomes the largest fashion and accessories store in the USA.

About Feedback4OldNavy

To be a great fashion store, the management should know both of the latest fashion styles and the customers perceives. But the question is how to know actualize these main ideas? At least, a fashion store management should upgrade their information to know the current issues in fashion. Then, to know the customers perceives, it should come in the middle of them and hear what they want.


As a result, a satisfaction survey is the best choices to know the customers want. In this case, Feedback4OldNavy is the main satisfaction survey from Old Navy Fashion and Accessories store. The customers can site it via online at www.feedback4oldnavy.com. Then, they may join inside and give the assessment related to its store performance.

The steps in Feedback4OldNavy

In general, some online survey portals have several same rules. Alike with it, Feedback4OldNavy provides the same one. Here they are:

• The first (1) step: You should visit the main website. In this step, you need to write www.feedback4oldnavy.com in your internet search devices.

• The second (2) step: Then, you have to send your survey invitation number. This number is available in your current receipt.

• The third (3) step: After that, you may give some information about your current shopping. Even, this site will ask about the store number including with your day and hours of your current shopping.

• The fourth (4) step: This step is the main important. On this occasion, you may start your review by rating some statements. It offers you some like-scale statements. Then, you may rate them in a range one to five. The ranges show your satisfaction from agreeing in strong until disagree in strong.

After that, you may explore your reviews by answering the questions in the next section. After rate section, it will offer you with some descriptive questions about your current shopping.

• The fifth (5) step: In a last, you may give your personal information. In this case, you have to give your true name, address, email and phone numbers.

• The sixth (6) step: Then, you may submit your review by clicking on Submit button on the site. Afterward, you need to wait until the reward code appears on your screen. If it appears, you have to write it down fast on your last receipt.

The qualifications in Feedback4OldNavy

To be a qualified survey taker, you should prepare some qualifications. Here they are:

• At first, you have to prepare a set of computer. Even you may use laptop or Smartphone. • Then, the date of your invitation number is available. • Your device has a stable internet connection. • After that, you are more than 18 years old customer and be the resident of USA, Canada, China and Taiwan. Even, every country has its own rules and qualifications. • The last, you are capable of understanding the basic of English or Spanish.

You have read all information about Feedback4OldNavy and its store management. So, what do you wait for guys? Let’s go there and enjoy your free discount 10% from its survey portals. Great!

Dgcustomerfisrt – Cash $1000 after Finishing Dollar General Satisfaction Survey

Dollar General.png

Who wants $1000 cash? Now, you may list what you will do with that money because Dollar General has provided $1000 cash after finishing DG’s survey. Even, you can visit dgcustomerfirst to get lots of information about it. Here we go, guys!

What is Dgcustomerfirst?

Dgcustomerfirst is an online survey portal which offers the customers’ assessment-related with Dollar General’s performance. This site becomes DG’s team devices to observe the customer’s satisfaction. Even, the customers may share their complaints and recommendation based on their experiences with Dollar General Store.

Dollar General.png

Easily, you may visit Dollar General Customer First Survey website at www.dgcustomerfirst.com. To participate in this survey, you only need for about five to ten minutes. As a reward, you may have the opportunity to get some great prizes from Dollar General Team.

What are the rules in Dgcustomerfirst?

Even though Dgcustomerfirst offers the easy survey portal, you should make sure that you obey the following rules. These rules are important as the base qualification to decide the winner. Then, the rules in Dollar General Customer First Survey are:

• The first (1): You are at least 18 years old customer. Hence, you may call your parent or your older siblings to help you when you are still under 18 years old.

• The second (2): This online survey is available for United States Resident. You must be the part of Arizona, Kentucky, California, or the others state to join in Dgcustomerfirst.

• The third (3): You are not a member of Dollar General’s teamwork. This rule is even available for its family.

• The fourth (4): As the key to this survey, you need to prepare your sake invitation survey number. This invitation number is available on your last receipt.

• The fifth (5): Then, you must be capable of understanding about the basic English or Spanish. In this survey, the site will use English or Spanish as the language instruction.

• The sixth (6): To help your survey activity, you must prepare the great devices such as a set of computers. Even, you may use your tablet, laptop or smartphone. Then, you have to make sure that your devices have the stable internet connection.

What are the steps in Dgcustomerfirst?

There are some easy steps to join in Dgcustomerfirst. Here they are:

• At first: You need to visit the website at www.dgcustomerfirst.com. • The second: You may choose your preferred languages between English or Spanish. • Then: To open the whole of the survey, you must send your invitation code. Perhaps, you may send the information about the store number, and even the day and hours of your last visit. • The fourth: After that, you may start your survey by rating some like-scale statements. • The fifth: If you are not satisfied with the like-scale, you may continue to the next section. Here, you may write your problems or recommendation trough Dollar General’s performance. • The sixth: Dgcustomerfirst needs your personal information. You must make sure to write your name, address, email and phone number in a detailed way. • The last: As the last section of the survey, you may submit your reviews.

What is the reward from Dgcustomerfirst?

As the high appreciation from Dollar General team, they provide a great reward in this survey. In this occasion, they provide $1000 cash for a lucky customer. Even, if they are not lucky, they may get the other prize such as a free discount.

!!!Need help?

If you find some questions during your survey, you can contact Dollar General Customer Service. In this case, you may contact via phone, email or email. Here, you will find the following information.

• DG’s Customer Service phone numbers, You may contact via phone at (615) 855-4000

• DG’s mailing address, Then, you can send your letter to 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States – 37072.

• DG’s email address, The last, you may send your questions via email. In this case, you may visit www.dollargeneral.com then chose the menu Contact-Us. At that time, you have to write your personal information including your questions. Later, this site will send your questions to DG’s email.

McDVoive – Enjoy Your Free Delicious Meals with McdVoice Survey


Are you burger lovers? Or have you tried the crunchy latest fried chicken? Mc Donalds Fast Food restaurant is the best choice for serving your desire to taste the original Fried Chicken. With all of the innovation in fried chicken, this fast food restaurant will never let you down. Don’t forget to put your review on www.mcdvoice.com and share your great experiences there.

The Brie!f Explanation about McDVoive

Mc Donald as one of the big Fast Food Restaurant in the United States is enthusiastic always to serve the best service to all the customers. Day and day, this fast food restaurant continually revises all of its performances through its customer’s recommendation. Mc Donald tries to serve a high-quality meal and beverage, cleanness and comfortable places and improving the employee’s performances.

Mc Donald has provided the online survey platform to all its customers. It is one of the ways as the tool to communicate and get closer to all of its loyal customers. The online survey platform is called as McdVoice and can be visited on the website address www.mdcvoice.com. You may give your review and feedback based on your experiences in Mc Donald. Mc Donald survey also gives you a chance to get a free delicious meal after you complete your review.


Mc Donald Survey is supported by Service Management Group. This online survey aimed to measure the customer’s satisfaction and dissatisfaction according to Mc Donald’s performance. Later, the positive comment will help the McDonald’s workers to concentrate on the improvement of the exceeded customer expectations. Then, when the comment is negative, it will be a warn or sign to all the workers with the others possible matters that maybe can impact the outlook profit. Also, all of the recommendation will give a strong impact as the revision material to improve Mc Donald’s performance.

The Rules in McdVoice’s Survey

As the commonly online survey platform, McdVoice also has some of the rules. The rules are as important as the basic material for Mc Donald’s Company to choose the best winner. You have to pay attention and make sure that you are qualified for this online survey. Read the rules below carefully:

a. First, you are more than 18 years old customer.

b. Second, you have visited Mc Donald Fast Food Restaurant. Surely, you will get the receipt on your visiting. The revenue is not more than three days visiting.

c. Third, you are not a Mc Donald’s employee.

d. Forth, you have the electronic devices such as Laptop, PC or Smart Phone.

e. Fifth, make sure that your internet connection is available.

The Steps to get McdVoice’s Survey

After you make sure that you are a qualified customer to give the resume or feedback on McdVoice’s Survey, you may go to the next section. This section is so important where you have to provide your assessment of Mc Donald. Is it satisfied for you? Or is it the contrary? Don’t worry and give your assessment honestly. Read the following steps below carefully:

a. First of all, visit the website address www.mdcvoice.com on Google.

b. Second of all, chose your preferred language, you can select English or Spanish. The next section will be shown based on your language preference.

c. Third of all, enter all the information in your last receipt. This section will ask you about the store’s number, Survey Code’s number, date and time of visit, the orders, and some of the others information. You can see all the information on your receipt.

d. Forth of all, next section will invite you to some of the questions. The questions are about Food quality, cleanliness, service, ease of placing the order, and also the staff management.

e. The fifth of all, you may submit your review and leave your identities such as name, email address and phone number. You may also choose your sweepstakes to decide your prizes.

f. The last, when you win the sweepstakes, you will be sent a coupon or redemption code. The coupon can be exchanged to the entire Mc Donald store in not more than 30 days.

McDVoice Prizes

Are you not satisfied with just a free meal? Don’t worry because Mc Donalds also provide sweepstakes competition with a brilliant prize. You will get a chance to win $100 until $1000 cash and the others great prize. What do you wait? Let’s go to the online survey and chose your prizes!

About Mc Donald

Mc Donald is the most extensive fast food restaurant in the world. It was founded in 1940 in Kentucky, United States. Now, this restaurant was expanded into 35.0000 outlets in around 119 countries in the world. This restaurant serves Fried Chicken, all the variety of Hamburgers, soft drinks, many kinds of beverages, breakfast and lunch item until dessert.

Mc Donald’s Contact Person

You may contact this available information:

a. Office Address: McDonald’s Corporation 2111 McDonald’s Dr Oak Brook, IL 60523 Other McDvoice Resources.

b. Phone numbers: 1-800-244-6227

c. Website: www.mcdvoice.com

d. Facebook: Facebook.com/McDonaldsUS

e. Twitter: Twitter.com/McDonalds

After reading all the explanation about McdVoice, you must visit this excellent restaurant and enjoy your meal with your friends there. Then don’t forget to give the review on www mcdvoice com and make sure that you are its winner. Good luck

6 Smart Steps To Enter Checkers And Rally’s Survey for Free Sandwich

Guest Obessed Survey.png

If you all are the loyal Checkers and Rally’s customers, you must be excited about participating in the Checkers and Rally’s Survey called GuestObessed. There will be Guest Obessed rewards that we will get that is Checkers and Rally’s free sandwich. Yes, we can claim the reward after completing the Guest Obessed Guest Satisfaction Survey. Isn’t it interesting if we can eat a free sandwich every day?

About Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obessed Survey

Before we go too far, it will be awesome if we are trying to dig more information. Guest Obessed is an online customer feedback survey coming from Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. Just like other surveys in general, the goal of the survey is to measure the Checkers and Rally’s customers’ level of satisfaction. We can go to www.GuestObessed.com to access the online survey.

Guest Obessed Survey.png

We will need less than ten minutes to complete the entire process. As long as we have a fast internet connection, there will be no problem. After we submit the survey, we will get Checkers and Rally’s Validation Code. It is the Checkers and Rally’s coupon code that we have to bring when we are about to redeem for free Checkers and Rally’s sandwich.

Things to Prepare for Checkers and Rally’s Survey

Before we start, there are some things to pay attention. It is a must to get all we need ready before we enter the Checkers and Rally’s Survey official website and take the survey. They are:

• Electronic device such as laptop, or set of computer, or smartphone, or tab

• Fast and stable internet connection whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile internet data

• Recent Checkers and Rally’s receipt that we get in 2018 for the sake of validity

• Our five to ten minutes to complete the whole Checkers and Rally’s survey steps

Step by Step Checkers and Rally’s Survey Guides

In completing the Guest Obessed Survey, there are some steps that we need to follow. These are the sequenced steps for Checkers and Rally’s Guest Experience Survey:

Step 1

Just like other surveys steps in general, we should access the Guest Obessed official site at www.GuestObessed.com.

Step 2

Then, we have to pass the Checkers and Rally’s Survey login portal. Simply, we should input Checkers and Rally’s 4 Store numbers as well as the date and time we visited the store.

Step 3

After that, we will see some brief questions about our last visit to Checkers and Rally’s store. it will be best if we are honest and mention whether it was a dine in or take away visit.

Step 4

We are at the main Checkers and Rally’s Survey part. In this case, it is a must for us to answer all GuestObessed questions. They are easy to answer and therefore, we do not have to worry. We do not need to study about Checkers and Rally’s company profile as it is all about our experience when we visited Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. In case we get the bad experience, we have rights to give bad rates. And vice versa!

Step 5

Now, we reach to the overall step that is a Guest Obessed open question. We get a chance to write anything about Checkers and Rally’s restaurant we visited. But, we have to pay attention to the words as we can write 1,200 characters at the maximum.

Step 6

The last step, we will get Checkers and Rally’s Survey Validation Code. it will be the coupon for us to claim the Guest Obessed rewards. Take a note by writing the Guest Obessed Validation Code on the back of our Checkers and Rally’s receipt. Then, we can redeem the Checkers and Rally’s Coupon Code for the free sandwich.

Checkers and Rallys Contact Details

It all about the six smart steps in completing the Checkers and Rally’s Survey. In case we get some troubles and we cannot fix them, here the Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service Contact details. They are:

• Checkers and Rally’s Corporate Office Address

The address of Checkers and Rallys headquarter is 4300 West Cypress Street Suite 600. The location is in Tampa, Florida 33606, United States. We can either visit the office or write a letter to Checkers and Rally’s representatives. And if we are about to make a visit, we have to make an appointment first through Checkers and Rally’s phone number.

• Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service Phone Number

Alright, it seems like we cannot wait to talk to Checkers and Rally’s team. Here, we can call Checkers and Rally’s Customer Care Service Center at 1 800 800 8072.

• Checkers and Rally’s Official Sites

And the last, we can make a visit to the online Checkers and Rally’s site. It will be at checkers.com or rallys.com. At the websites, we can use the Checkers and Rally’s Locator to find the Nearest Checkers and Rally’s stores. We can also search Checkers and Rally’s Near Me to find the Checkers and Rally’s Nearest stores locations.

Alright! It is all about Checkers and Rally’s Survey that we must know. Enjoy the survey and enjoy the Guest Obessed rewards of free Checkers and Rally’s sandwich!

Smart Tips to Eat Cheap in the Restaurant


Most of the people like eating out. It is because they do not need to cook the meal by themselves. Besides, they also do not need to clean up the mess after cooking and eating. But, dining in the restaurant requires the high budget. If you go to the middle or high-class restaurant, you need to spend at least $20 per person. Imagine how much money you have to spend if you have to eat in the restaurant every day. You have to find the way to eat cheaply in your favorite restaurant. But, you have to be thankful for the restaurant competition. It is so since many restaurants offer the cheaper meal in order to avoid losing the customers.

Furthermore, as the customers, you have to be active to look for the special offer from your favorite restaurant. Usually, the certain restaurant often provides the discount and other special deals. Furthermore, you also can search the coupon to get the lower price. However, you should become the savvy shopper since some deals do not offer the great saving. Besides, you can buy the vouchers which are available in the certain online sites. When you use this discount voucher, you will be able to get the cheaper meal.


In fact, there is some trick to saving when you are dining in the restaurant. You can do the tips below to dine in at your favorite outlets without spending much money.

1. Order the water for your drink.

Most of the restaurants offer the drinking water for free. You do not need to be shy to drink the fresh water. If you purchase the soda, milkshake, or alcohol, you can boost your cost. In the fast-food restaurant, the price of the soft drink can be $3. If you go with three family members, you have to pay $12 for the drink exclude the tips and tax. Besides, if you order a glass of wine, you need to spend $10. The bottled water can cost higher in the certain restaurant. So, in order to save your budget, drinking tap water is a good choice.

2. Searching the restaurant coupon.

Before deciding the restaurant you are going to visit, you should search the coupon from that restaurant. Searching the online coupon is the most effective way to get the lower price. So, you have to check the official website of the restaurant you will visit. Besides, it will be better if you stay connected with the restaurant by following their social media account. It is so since the restaurant often offers the online coupon through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Furthermore, usually, the restaurant coupons are also available in Sunday newspaper or Entertainment book.

3. Visit the restaurant during the happy hours.

When you visit the restaurant late or early, usually they will give you the special price. Some of them offer the special drink as well as the half-price appetizer. You just need to access the website of the restaurant to find out what offer they provide during the happy hour. Furthermore, other restaurants provide the special deals at night. For instance, the Tex-Mex restaurants provide $1 Taco at the special night. Usually, they offer this special price during the week. So, you should notice when the restaurant you like offer this deal.

4. Sign up for Restaurant loyalty program.

To join this loyalty club, you just need to submit your email address. The online registration is available on the restaurant website. Then, the restaurant will give you the coupon discount or freebies through your email. Besides, some restaurant also will give you the birthday treat. This way, you will receive the free dessert or appetizer for your birthday. Moreover, other restaurants encourage their customers to download the mobile restaurant app. Then, you will be able to get some coupons from this app.

5. Use the Online Deal Website.

If you are searching coupon online, you will find many third party websites which offer discounted certificates. For instance, you can visit opentable.com or restaurant.com. These two sites will save you much money. It is because restaurant.com usually sells $10 for 25$ dining certificate. If you are lucky, you can get $25 certificates only by paying $4. But, before you decide to buy this discounted dining certificate, you have to check the rules. Then, you should notice that the offers vary by location. So, you cannot use this certificate in all cities.

Furthermore, you can make an online reservation by visiting opentable.com. Whenever you book the restaurant through this website, you will get some points. Then, you need to collect the certain number of reservation points. The next, OpenTable will reward you a discounted certificate. But, remember, you only can use this coupon only in the participating restaurant. In order to receive $20 off certificate, you have to collect 2000 points. Furthermore, you can try to visit yelp.com. This website also provides some deals which are worthy to visit.

Moreover, you should check out the special deals at livingsocial.com or groupon.com. Both websites offer the daily deal service. But, keep noticing that these deals always have some restrictions. For example, the deal is only for the certain hours. Besides, sometimes there is a minimum purchase requirement. So, you have to be careful to select the certificate before buying it. That is why you should compare one deal to another. This way, you can get the best deal which really can save your budget. Furthermore, you can try the new feature which is available at Groupon. Now, this website offers the online reservation service. The good news is that you can get a discount when you make an online reservation.

6. Share your meal.

Some restaurants serve the meal in the large portion. So, you can share it with your partner. Then, you also can order the side dish or salad. But, some restaurants do not make sharing the food easy. Hence, you have to find the restaurant which allows you to share the meal easily. When you are sharing your food, you just need to pay one meal for two people. As a result, you can save your money.

Besides, if you want to eat in a large portion, you should order the appetizer. The restaurant always provides the appetizer at the lower price than the main entrees. Furthermore, the appetizer usually comes in the reasonable size. The taste and the appearance are also more interesting. Usually, just by eating the appetizer, you can be full. That is why you can skip ordering the main entree. Moreover, the appetizer is usually more healthy. It is another benefit of ordering the appetizer. Your health and wallet will be in the good condition.

7. Search for the senior discount.

The certain restaurants provide the loyalty club for the seniors. Besides, these restaurants also serve the senior menu items. Furthermore, they will offer some discounts for the senior. But, sometimes they do not list down the discount on the menu. So, you just need to ask the restaurant’s attendants whether there is the senior discount available. Usually, these restaurants will offer 10% off for the senior loyalty members.

8. Dine out for lunch instead of dinner.

The lunch menu items are usually cheaper than the dinner menu. That is why, if you have a plan to eat out in the certain restaurant, you should go there for lunch. This way, you can enjoy dining in the expensive restaurant with the lower budget.

9. Find the restaurant which offers kids deal.

Finding the restaurants where your kids can eat for free is not difficult. This restaurant usually offers the night deal which enables your kids to get the free meal. But, you have to purchase some meals before receiving this offer.

10. Participate in the survey to get the discount.

Nowadays, the restaurant chains, as well as the independently owned restaurants, have the online surveys. They create these surveys in order to listen to what the customers expect. Besides, this survey also enables them to evaluate and improve the quality of their business. For the customers, this survey is the way to get the discount or freebies from the restaurant. It is because some restaurants offer the coupon valued $5-$ten off for your next transaction. Besides, others may invite you to enter the sweepstakes. If you win it, you deserve to receive the restaurant gift cards. The value of these gift cards varies by the sponsor and restaurant which provide it. Usually, they provide $50 - $1500 gift cards for the winner.

So, if you want to get the discount, freebies, or gift cards, you should never miss this type of survey. If you want to know which restaurants handle these surveys, you have to visit keliamoniz. This website is full of information about customer satisfaction surveys. As the example, you can find out the articleabout CabanaCares, TellPizzaHut, TalktoWendys, and MyBKexperience. By reviewing these articles, you will know how to complete each customer survey. Furthermore, you can notice the reward of each survey.

Talktofoodlion – Fill a Food Lion Survey and get $500 Food Lion Gift Card!


Hello everyone!

How was your last week? Is it great? Do you remember what things you used in a week? Or what kind of frozen food you cook last week? If you want to shop your weekly needs, you will like this article, because it will explain about Food Lion. Food Lion has launched an online survey called Talktofoodlion surveys in order to monitor their customers’ satisfaction. Food Lion knows that there are always some missing things that may disturb the customers. That is why they need your help to tell them those missing things. Don’t worry, it will not be time-consuming. The survey will just take you about 5 minutes only. You can also get a chance to win Talktofoodlion sweepstake $500 gift cards from Food Lion. Sounds good right?


Things You Need for Talktofoodlion Customer Satisfaction Survey

This survey is an online survey and no one will guide you during the survey. You will fill the survey on your device via online. There is no paper or offline form of this survey. By that, you have to prepare all the things by yourself to participate in this survey. These are the things you will need:

• A Computer or Smartphone At first, you need a computer or a smartphone that can connect to the internet.

• Internet Connection Secondly, you have to find an internet connection. You can go to places that offer you free hotspot or use your own data. Use can use tethering mode from another device as well if you have.

• A Browser A hardware will be useless if it doesn’t have software right? If you haven’t installed any browser on your smartphone, you can go to play store or app store to get one. You can use any browser such as Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Those browsers work the same, just choose one.

• Food Lion Receipt The next thing you need is a valid receipt from Food Lion. Because you will need a pin code that is printed on the receipt. Without that pin code, you will be unable to enter the survey page.

Step by Step Filling the Talktofoodlion Guest Satisfaction Survey

Just like other online surveys, there are steps you must follow. The steps are actually easy and there are instructions from the survey page as well. However, if the instructions on the survey page are not clear enough, you may need to read this guideline:

• Step 1

The first step is opening the official website of talktofoodlion survey at www.talktofoodlion.com.

• Step 2

If you like to read the sweepstake rule, you can read it by clicking the links provided on the survey page or go to www.loyaltysurvey.com/foodlion/foodlionsweepstakes_en.aspx.

• Step 3

Enter the Talktofoodlion entry code that is located on your receipt. There will be an example picture provided there to ease you find it.

• Step 4

If you don’t have a Talktofoodlion Survey code, you can also use store number. It works the same. They want you to input the code just to ensure that you are their customer and have experienced buying things from them. Because the survey can be answered only by customers or people who have already bought things from there.

• Step 5

After that, fill the date and time when you were shopping in there.

• Step 6

Specify that you are 18 years old or older.

• Step 7

Answer all Talktofoodlion questions honestly. Your honest answers will be very useful for them in the future. It is okay to tell them that they are bad in certain points.

• Step 8

Enter your contact for the Talktofoodlion sweepstakes. Please be careful in typing your contact. Make sure there is no typo or wrong data. You can be the winner of the sweepstake anyway, so ensure it twice that your contact is correct especially your email address and phone number. Because from there they usually contact the winners.

• Step 9

If you think that all is correct, then you can submit the survey. And here, you will get Talktofoodlion validation code as a proof that you have completed the entire process.

About Food Lion Company

Food Lion is a supermarket that sells a lot of things such as beer, pet food, and frozen food. There are also other things like a bakery, pharmacy, gift, household and many more. Food Lion operates more than 1.100 grocery stores and has more than 63.000 employers. They have a motto “Count on Us” and try to provide you with affordable price in everything they sell.

Food Lion Customer Service Contacts

There are many people go to supermarket weekly or monthly. Some of them also go there for daily needs such as snacks, fruits, or frozen food. With the high demands, in particular, time maybe Food Lion can’t give you their best performance. You can tell your problem about hygiene, products, service, or about anything about Food Lion supermarket anytime to the customer service. Your feedback will be useful for them. You can both write a letter or call them directly. These are the Food Lion headquarter address and customer service:

• Food Lion Phone Number: 1-800-210-9569 (Call toll free)

• Food Lion Postal Mailing Address: Food Lion Attn: Consumer Relations, P.O. Box 1330, Salisbury, North California 28145-1330, United States

• And the Food Lion Headquarter: Salisbury, North Carolina, United States

That is all about talk to Food Lion and some information about the company itself. Wish you win the Food Lion sweepstake! Good Luck!

Be a Smart Customer by Taking Benefits from Restaurants & Supermarkets


2017 becomes a year for us to be lazy all the time and now the year is about to end. If we do not change our self to be better, we may never know what will come to us. The same as being customers of some companies. We have to know what we can get from being the customers. MabelAndZora will guide and show us how the restaurants, supermarkets, and other companies we used to visit can give us benefits.

We may get used to visiting KFC, Burger King, Starbuck, Wegmans, Wal-Mart, Publix, and others to purchase something. In this case, we do not have any idea on how to be glad of being their customers. All that we can do is spending our money to make them rich. Well, we have been doing something wrong. If we visit MabelAndZora, we will realize that we have wasted a half of our life by being passive customers. For our information, restaurants and other companies used to hold promotion and programs for customs. One of the best ones we can try is the customer satisfaction surveys program. Here are the tips how to be a smart customer, such as:

• Tip #1: Don’t Close Our Ey!!es

Like it or not, most customers used to close their eyes when they visit the restaurants or supermarkets. Close eyes here means that the customers only focus on the things they want to purchase. There are some banners telling that all customers can win $2,500 cash and other offers but some of us may do not want to see. We do not care about the promotions and do not want to know. Well, it must be annoying and disappointing if our friends win $2,500 from the stores we used to visit every day. We keep questioning why this bad thing happens to us. Of course, it is because we do not want to open our eyes.

Indeed, the stores must have goals why they hold promotions programs such as customer surveys. They want to increase their products quality, complete with the services. If we pay attention to the banners or staff members who offer the surveys, it is best to not refuse them. They may keep the prizes for those loyal customers who smile and care about the stores. The way we keep ignoring the good news will not make us be a smart customer.

• Tip #2: Use the Opportun!ity

We should stop keeping in our mind that the promotions do not belong to us. It is best to remove the statements of “we will not win the prizes” every time we see the promotions. There are some life quotes that we can apply in this case. The first, “Good times will not come twice!” We must know that the opportunity may not come twice. And for this reason, we have to know that 2018 may not offer us the same good news. For instance, Dunkin Donuts, Express Panda, and Culvers may no longer offer free items. Ribbon Gift promotions for free shipping may no longer available in 2018. And Smoothie King may get tired offering us $1,000 while we never care.


Some of the companies here even offer an iPad and we do not know about this hot offer. Maybe, we need to learn from the second quote, “If we never try, the answer is always no!” Yes we will never know how lucky we are to be the winners unless we take the customer surveys. The process will take ten minutes at the max and all we need to have is the receipt we get from the stores. We can take the surveys and sweepstakes at home as they are online.

• Tip #3: Visit MabelAndZora Website

We may realize that opening our eyes and taking the opportunity is important for us. Here, we should not miss the chance as 2017 is about to meet the end. As soon as we can, we should visit MabelAndZora to gain more information about the customer satisfaction surveys. We will also find information about the sweepstakes, complete with the steps to take it and the rewards details. We do not need to worry about getting bored reading the articles. It is so as the articles’ designs are just awesome.

First, the articles contain 2,000 more words but what makes them special is the design. We will find the articles are easy to understand because they have bullet points. They will make all messages clear. And at glance, we will know what each paragraph says. Not because we have read the whole things but because they have headings and subtitles. We will know that the second paragraph is about company profile. The third to fourth is about customer satisfaction survey. The fifth is about the steps to take the surveys. And the last one will be about how to contact the customer service team.

Second, MabelAndZora provides us some pictures and tutorial videos that will help us understand the steps faster. Unlike other videos, MabelAndZora makes the videos speak. In other words, we can follow the videos while we are listening to the voice of instructions.

Third, the language style is communicative, interesting, and readable. Even if the article contains 2,000 words more, we will not get bored. It is not because of magic but it is because of the professionalism. Without a doubt, the writer of the articles has created a new standard in writing. Seriously, other websites should follow the way the writer creates the originality and creativity. For MabelAndZora team, readers and visitors are their priority. Like it or not, other websites may keep the information about $2,500. They prefer to give invalid customer services and sell other fake information.

If we want to be a smart customer of some big famous stores, it is our time to visit MabelAndZora. Gain more information and take more surveys and sweepstakes. Win the prizes and be happy always, fellas!

Know More About Customer Experience


I've never been one to carry money. I am also not a roaming fortress of debit and credit cards. I wish I could state my wallet put tens of thousands. Truth is, I am not. Clean any invoices which may temporarily find their way out. As I pull out the receipts I notice that the thing and tally that is spending is less than 10 percent of the receipt. Often, when I dine out, I am asked to complete an online poll in my dining experience. Just about any time I make a purchase in a store, I get a receipt that is 15-inch-long, asking me to comment on my purchasing experience and telling me that they appreciate my opinions. But here's the issue.


The customer experience survey is the client, about me. It is about the company. It is a business survey, not a client survey. I travel several times each month and generally find myself flying the exact same airline, because of location and flight program. In the airline, I have been emailed a link to a Customer Experience Research for the last five weeks each week. It's the survey every time, with an occasional variation in the way were the gate agents? Were the flight attendants helpful? Did you are greeted by the pilots the cabin? Isn't that a huge part of my experience with the organization? But that is not my client experience.

My customer experience appears more like this: Four weeks ago, the girl next to me secretly doubled over and inhaled an e-cigarette while nobody was looking. I was put in a middle seat between two individuals that filled all three seats before I sat down. To be able to provide us some breathing space, I ended up standing in the majority of the flight. I thought that last week was going to be uneventful, and our plane even landed a couple of minutes early until we heard that there was already a delayed aircraft in our gate, which we'd be sitting for another 30 minutes before we could disembark. Now, before I am accused of assaulting smokers, coffee drinkers, airline employees and massive people (I am not a little guy myself) I am not. It gives you a flavor of my client experience. For the airline, that will never be known by them. Their studies were. They don't have any idea that I look not to fly that airline and I had a customer experience.

These surveys ask questions that the business wants to know, not. Alas, the irrationality employed by businesses for the consumer experience survey is the illogical methodology. The survey is about the business, not the employee. At my company, we're frequently asked to work with businesses to improve employee engagement and the worker experience. It's in response. The problem becomes clear without seeing the worker responses as we examine the results of the survey. The queries themselves tell us a wonderful deal -- that business is more concerned about finding out the info that they wish to know, versus what the worker would like to tell them. Take, by way of instance, a current business we worked with that had just obtained three other businesses, more than doubling the size of their business overnight.

The organization got the responses and asked the questions. What they did not ask was what the workers wanted to let them know. Because they stuck using a set of questions they had an employee survey, although a company poll. What the workers wanted to inform the business was that they feared for their jobs. Could the workers replace them? Would they have the exact policies? Can they have a boss? They had questions. At least not in reaction to the poll. The company knew that their benefits package was liked by the workers but not that they had been looking at a possible employee departure.


Do ask do not ask me if I enjoy the new table in the break room. Yeah, it is cool, but would not you know if I plan on sticking around -- and how I feel about the layoffs that happened last month? Or about what sort of work environment I am created for by my boss? Would you like to know what I do if I engaged? Find out what's in my mind as a worker, not what is on your mind for a company.And while we are on the subject, do not give me a customer questionnaire if all you need to know about is if I had been offered your new McWhatever within my breakfast choices, if what I really need to tell you that your change manager just snubbed the customer-facing me. Besides, I really don't need any more polls adding reams of paper into my billfold. There is not enough space next to me, the passengers for me, the e-smoker and my wallet in exactly the same row.

Several Methods To Follow Up Your Customers



Your customers are currently waiting to hear you say that I deliver in time. So is a rarity and will be recalled. It is going to be exactly what you ordered. It won't be like, and it won't be better than what has been ordered. You choose your own if you think a replacement would be. Your client may not understand (or be at liberty to describe) all of the ramifications of this purchase. Assure the customer there'll be no waiting for a document that is previous or a piece. Never say you're completed except for... I value your company. This implies more than a Thank you for the purchase. Follow-up calls are involved by appreciation, making certain everything is performing satisfactorily offering to answer questions, and discovering that the problem was solved.

Neglecting any one of these measures conveys the impression that you're interested in the person until the purchase was made. This creates ill will and advertisements for your organization and leaves the buyer feeling used and deceived. Proving you care about your clients leads to repeat sales and recommendations. One tool for repeat business is currently following up. Effective follow-up begins following the purchase when you call the client to say thank you and find out whether she or he is pleased with your products or services. There are several methods to follow up that ensure your business is in the mind of the customer. Let customers know what you're doing for them. This may be in the shape of a newsletter sent to clients, or it may be informal, like a phone call. mysubwaycard.co

Whatever strategy you use, the trick is to point out the service you're currently giving them. Customers might not notice if you never mention the things you're currently doing for them. You are not being cocky once you speak to customers about of the work you've done to please them. Make a phone call and let them know they do not need to worry because the paperwork was handled by you, known as the lawyer or double-checked about the thing they need to do. Old customers notes. I just sat at your name along with my desk. Are you still having all around the nation flying? Let me know if you will need another set of the bag. I can stop by with our models anytime. I will call you to schedule a dinner. Email and Voicemail make it simple to communicate, but the personal touch is missing.

If you are having difficulty getting through leave a message that you will stop at a time by an office or would like to talk to the person. Remember exceptional occasions. Gifts are tools. You don't need to spend a fortune use your own imagination to think of the client's business, gift ideas that tie into your business recent purchase. If you hear about a company, see a book, or read an article a client may be interested in, drop a note or make a fast call to let them know. Consider follow-up calls. When you speak to or see with old customers or clients, you find they have referrals to give you, which may cause new business. With there is simply no reason to not remain with them in contact. Use your creativity, and you will think of plenty of ideas which could help you build a relationship.


Studies indicate that the majority of customers won't ever come out and tell you they are unsatisfied. They leave quietly telling everyone they know not to do business. So when a customer complains, do not think of it as a golden opportunity retain organization and to change the mind of that customer. The best product or service receives complaints then and now. Here is how to manage them for results that are favorable: Never tell a customer. Take responsibility. Do not make excuses. A provider lets you down or when an employee was ill, that is not the concern of the customer. Take action to remedy the circumstance. Promising a solution and then reevaluate it makes things worse. Give employees some leeway. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, make sure they have you or the circumstance is handled by another supervisor.

Creating A Customer Service Policy Is So Important



However, as you add customers and more clients, you include the customer support chain and links. That creates the potential for service on the way and the potential for expansion. That is why sticking to it and creating a customer service policy is so important. Below are. Put in writing. Each worker should know what the rules are and plan to live up to them, although these principles must come from you. Something can lay the groundwork, although by stating, for example, you might want to get detailed, any employee is permitted to give a 10 percent discount. Establish support systems that provide clear directions for gaining and keeping service superiority to employees.

These systems can allow you to our service any competitor by giving to clients and anticipating problems before they arise. Develop a dimension of customer support that is superb. Employees should see good service relates to their futures and to your gains with the provider. Be committed to providing customer service excellence than anybody else in your business. This commitment has to be so powerful that it can be sensed by each one of your clients. Share information on the front lines with individuals. Meet with your employees about improving service to talk. Ideas from employees-they are the individuals that are currently dealing with customers. Act on the understanding that what clients value most are proficiency, dependability, promptness, and focus.

They love being known by title and being treated as individuals. Phrases Which Will Make Your Customers Content There are certain words clients want to hear from your employees and you. Make sure your employees understand the value of these phrases: How do I help? Customers want the chance to explain in detail exactly what they desire and want. Business owners feel the duty or the want to guess what clients need rather than listening. And by using an open-ended query, you encourage discussion. That problem can be solved by me. Most customers are trying to buy solutions.


They appreciate responses that are direct. I will find out, although I don't know. Admit that you don't understand the solution when confronted with a question that needs research on your part. Few things ruin your credibility faster than attempting when you're unsure of-of the facts to answer a question. You may be tested by buyers they know you then sit and cannot answer while you fight to pretend an intelligent answer. Your integrity is enhanced by a response. I'll take responsibility. Inform your client you realize it is your obligation to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Assure the customer you understand what she or he anticipates and will deliver the product or service. There'll be expenses or no changes. If your company is an operation, it requires organizing and scheduling events that are numerous. Assure your customers they'll be informed of the status of those events. The seller's customers trust the most are the ones which keep them apprised of the circumstance, whether the information is bad or good. I will deliver in time. A date that's been agreed upon is. Close does not count.