2017 becomes a year for us to be lazy all the time and now the year is about to end. If we do not change our self to be better, we may never know what will come to us. The same as being customers of some companies. We have to know what we can get from being the customers. MabelAndZora will guide and show us how the restaurants, supermarkets, and other companies we used to visit can give us benefits.

We may get used to visiting KFC, Burger King, Starbuck, Wegmans, Wal-Mart, Publix, and others to purchase something. In this case, we do not have any idea on how to be glad of being their customers. All that we can do is spending our money to make them rich. Well, we have been doing something wrong. If we visit MabelAndZora, we will realize that we have wasted a half of our life by being passive customers. For our information, restaurants and other companies used to hold promotion and programs for customs. One of the best ones we can try is the customer satisfaction surveys program. Here are the tips how to be a smart customer, such as:

• Tip #1: Don’t Close Our Ey!!es

Like it or not, most customers used to close their eyes when they visit the restaurants or supermarkets. Close eyes here means that the customers only focus on the things they want to purchase. There are some banners telling that all customers can win $2,500 cash and other offers but some of us may do not want to see. We do not care about the promotions and do not want to know. Well, it must be annoying and disappointing if our friends win $2,500 from the stores we used to visit every day. We keep questioning why this bad thing happens to us. Of course, it is because we do not want to open our eyes.

Indeed, the stores must have goals why they hold promotions programs such as customer surveys. They want to increase their products quality, complete with the services. If we pay attention to the banners or staff members who offer the surveys, it is best to not refuse them. They may keep the prizes for those loyal customers who smile and care about the stores. The way we keep ignoring the good news will not make us be a smart customer.

• Tip #2: Use the Opportun!ity

We should stop keeping in our mind that the promotions do not belong to us. It is best to remove the statements of “we will not win the prizes” every time we see the promotions. There are some life quotes that we can apply in this case. The first, “Good times will not come twice!” We must know that the opportunity may not come twice. And for this reason, we have to know that 2018 may not offer us the same good news. For instance, Dunkin Donuts, Express Panda, and Culvers may no longer offer free items. Ribbon Gift promotions for free shipping may no longer available in 2018. And Smoothie King may get tired offering us $1,000 while we never care.


Some of the companies here even offer an iPad and we do not know about this hot offer. Maybe, we need to learn from the second quote, “If we never try, the answer is always no!” Yes we will never know how lucky we are to be the winners unless we take the customer surveys. The process will take ten minutes at the max and all we need to have is the receipt we get from the stores. We can take the surveys and sweepstakes at home as they are online.

• Tip #3: Visit MabelAndZora Website

We may realize that opening our eyes and taking the opportunity is important for us. Here, we should not miss the chance as 2017 is about to meet the end. As soon as we can, we should visit MabelAndZora to gain more information about the customer satisfaction surveys. We will also find information about the sweepstakes, complete with the steps to take it and the rewards details. We do not need to worry about getting bored reading the articles. It is so as the articles’ designs are just awesome.

First, the articles contain 2,000 more words but what makes them special is the design. We will find the articles are easy to understand because they have bullet points. They will make all messages clear. And at glance, we will know what each paragraph says. Not because we have read the whole things but because they have headings and subtitles. We will know that the second paragraph is about company profile. The third to fourth is about customer satisfaction survey. The fifth is about the steps to take the surveys. And the last one will be about how to contact the customer service team.

Second, MabelAndZora provides us some pictures and tutorial videos that will help us understand the steps faster. Unlike other videos, MabelAndZora makes the videos speak. In other words, we can follow the videos while we are listening to the voice of instructions.

Third, the language style is communicative, interesting, and readable. Even if the article contains 2,000 words more, we will not get bored. It is not because of magic but it is because of the professionalism. Without a doubt, the writer of the articles has created a new standard in writing. Seriously, other websites should follow the way the writer creates the originality and creativity. For MabelAndZora team, readers and visitors are their priority. Like it or not, other websites may keep the information about $2,500. They prefer to give invalid customer services and sell other fake information.

If we want to be a smart customer of some big famous stores, it is our time to visit MabelAndZora. Gain more information and take more surveys and sweepstakes. Win the prizes and be happy always, fellas!