Most of the people like eating out. It is because they do not need to cook the meal by themselves. Besides, they also do not need to clean up the mess after cooking and eating. But, dining in the restaurant requires the high budget. If you go to the middle or high-class restaurant, you need to spend at least $20 per person. Imagine how much money you have to spend if you have to eat in the restaurant every day. You have to find the way to eat cheaply in your favorite restaurant. But, you have to be thankful for the restaurant competition. It is so since many restaurants offer the cheaper meal in order to avoid losing the customers.

Furthermore, as the customers, you have to be active to look for the special offer from your favorite restaurant. Usually, the certain restaurant often provides the discount and other special deals. Furthermore, you also can search the coupon to get the lower price. However, you should become the savvy shopper since some deals do not offer the great saving. Besides, you can buy the vouchers which are available in the certain online sites. When you use this discount voucher, you will be able to get the cheaper meal.


In fact, there is some trick to saving when you are dining in the restaurant. You can do the tips below to dine in at your favorite outlets without spending much money.

1. Order the water for your drink.

Most of the restaurants offer the drinking water for free. You do not need to be shy to drink the fresh water. If you purchase the soda, milkshake, or alcohol, you can boost your cost. In the fast-food restaurant, the price of the soft drink can be $3. If you go with three family members, you have to pay $12 for the drink exclude the tips and tax. Besides, if you order a glass of wine, you need to spend $10. The bottled water can cost higher in the certain restaurant. So, in order to save your budget, drinking tap water is a good choice.

2. Searching the restaurant coupon.

Before deciding the restaurant you are going to visit, you should search the coupon from that restaurant. Searching the online coupon is the most effective way to get the lower price. So, you have to check the official website of the restaurant you will visit. Besides, it will be better if you stay connected with the restaurant by following their social media account. It is so since the restaurant often offers the online coupon through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Furthermore, usually, the restaurant coupons are also available in Sunday newspaper or Entertainment book.

3. Visit the restaurant during the happy hours.

When you visit the restaurant late or early, usually they will give you the special price. Some of them offer the special drink as well as the half-price appetizer. You just need to access the website of the restaurant to find out what offer they provide during the happy hour. Furthermore, other restaurants provide the special deals at night. For instance, the Tex-Mex restaurants provide $1 Taco at the special night. Usually, they offer this special price during the week. So, you should notice when the restaurant you like offer this deal.

4. Sign up for Restaurant loyalty program.

To join this loyalty club, you just need to submit your email address. The online registration is available on the restaurant website. Then, the restaurant will give you the coupon discount or freebies through your email. Besides, some restaurant also will give you the birthday treat. This way, you will receive the free dessert or appetizer for your birthday. Moreover, other restaurants encourage their customers to download the mobile restaurant app. Then, you will be able to get some coupons from this app.

5. Use the Online Deal Website.

If you are searching coupon online, you will find many third party websites which offer discounted certificates. For instance, you can visit or These two sites will save you much money. It is because usually sells $10 for 25$ dining certificate. If you are lucky, you can get $25 certificates only by paying $4. But, before you decide to buy this discounted dining certificate, you have to check the rules. Then, you should notice that the offers vary by location. So, you cannot use this certificate in all cities.

Furthermore, you can make an online reservation by visiting Whenever you book the restaurant through this website, you will get some points. Then, you need to collect the certain number of reservation points. The next, OpenTable will reward you a discounted certificate. But, remember, you only can use this coupon only in the participating restaurant. In order to receive $20 off certificate, you have to collect 2000 points. Furthermore, you can try to visit This website also provides some deals which are worthy to visit.

Moreover, you should check out the special deals at or Both websites offer the daily deal service. But, keep noticing that these deals always have some restrictions. For example, the deal is only for the certain hours. Besides, sometimes there is a minimum purchase requirement. So, you have to be careful to select the certificate before buying it. That is why you should compare one deal to another. This way, you can get the best deal which really can save your budget. Furthermore, you can try the new feature which is available at Groupon. Now, this website offers the online reservation service. The good news is that you can get a discount when you make an online reservation.

6. Share your meal.

Some restaurants serve the meal in the large portion. So, you can share it with your partner. Then, you also can order the side dish or salad. But, some restaurants do not make sharing the food easy. Hence, you have to find the restaurant which allows you to share the meal easily. When you are sharing your food, you just need to pay one meal for two people. As a result, you can save your money.

Besides, if you want to eat in a large portion, you should order the appetizer. The restaurant always provides the appetizer at the lower price than the main entrees. Furthermore, the appetizer usually comes in the reasonable size. The taste and the appearance are also more interesting. Usually, just by eating the appetizer, you can be full. That is why you can skip ordering the main entree. Moreover, the appetizer is usually more healthy. It is another benefit of ordering the appetizer. Your health and wallet will be in the good condition.

7. Search for the senior discount.

The certain restaurants provide the loyalty club for the seniors. Besides, these restaurants also serve the senior menu items. Furthermore, they will offer some discounts for the senior. But, sometimes they do not list down the discount on the menu. So, you just need to ask the restaurant’s attendants whether there is the senior discount available. Usually, these restaurants will offer 10% off for the senior loyalty members.

8. Dine out for lunch instead of dinner.

The lunch menu items are usually cheaper than the dinner menu. That is why, if you have a plan to eat out in the certain restaurant, you should go there for lunch. This way, you can enjoy dining in the expensive restaurant with the lower budget.

9. Find the restaurant which offers kids deal.

Finding the restaurants where your kids can eat for free is not difficult. This restaurant usually offers the night deal which enables your kids to get the free meal. But, you have to purchase some meals before receiving this offer.

10. Participate in the survey to get the discount.

Nowadays, the restaurant chains, as well as the independently owned restaurants, have the online surveys. They create these surveys in order to listen to what the customers expect. Besides, this survey also enables them to evaluate and improve the quality of their business. For the customers, this survey is the way to get the discount or freebies from the restaurant. It is because some restaurants offer the coupon valued $5-$ten off for your next transaction. Besides, others may invite you to enter the sweepstakes. If you win it, you deserve to receive the restaurant gift cards. The value of these gift cards varies by the sponsor and restaurant which provide it. Usually, they provide $50 - $1500 gift cards for the winner.

So, if you want to get the discount, freebies, or gift cards, you should never miss this type of survey. If you want to know which restaurants handle these surveys, you have to visit keliamoniz. This website is full of information about customer satisfaction surveys. As the example, you can find out the articleabout CabanaCares, TellPizzaHut, TalktoWendys, and MyBKexperience. By reviewing these articles, you will know how to complete each customer survey. Furthermore, you can notice the reward of each survey.