Are you burger lovers? Or have you tried the crunchy latest fried chicken? Mc Donalds Fast Food restaurant is the best choice for serving your desire to taste the original Fried Chicken. With all of the innovation in fried chicken, this fast food restaurant will never let you down. Don’t forget to put your review on and share your great experiences there.

The Brie!f Explanation about McDVoive

Mc Donald as one of the big Fast Food Restaurant in the United States is enthusiastic always to serve the best service to all the customers. Day and day, this fast food restaurant continually revises all of its performances through its customer’s recommendation. Mc Donald tries to serve a high-quality meal and beverage, cleanness and comfortable places and improving the employee’s performances.

Mc Donald has provided the online survey platform to all its customers. It is one of the ways as the tool to communicate and get closer to all of its loyal customers. The online survey platform is called as McdVoice and can be visited on the website address You may give your review and feedback based on your experiences in Mc Donald. Mc Donald survey also gives you a chance to get a free delicious meal after you complete your review.


Mc Donald Survey is supported by Service Management Group. This online survey aimed to measure the customer’s satisfaction and dissatisfaction according to Mc Donald’s performance. Later, the positive comment will help the McDonald’s workers to concentrate on the improvement of the exceeded customer expectations. Then, when the comment is negative, it will be a warn or sign to all the workers with the others possible matters that maybe can impact the outlook profit. Also, all of the recommendation will give a strong impact as the revision material to improve Mc Donald’s performance.

The Rules in McdVoice’s Survey

As the commonly online survey platform, McdVoice also has some of the rules. The rules are as important as the basic material for Mc Donald’s Company to choose the best winner. You have to pay attention and make sure that you are qualified for this online survey. Read the rules below carefully:

a. First, you are more than 18 years old customer.

b. Second, you have visited Mc Donald Fast Food Restaurant. Surely, you will get the receipt on your visiting. The revenue is not more than three days visiting.

c. Third, you are not a Mc Donald’s employee.

d. Forth, you have the electronic devices such as Laptop, PC or Smart Phone.

e. Fifth, make sure that your internet connection is available.

The Steps to get McdVoice’s Survey

After you make sure that you are a qualified customer to give the resume or feedback on McdVoice’s Survey, you may go to the next section. This section is so important where you have to provide your assessment of Mc Donald. Is it satisfied for you? Or is it the contrary? Don’t worry and give your assessment honestly. Read the following steps below carefully:

a. First of all, visit the website address on Google.

b. Second of all, chose your preferred language, you can select English or Spanish. The next section will be shown based on your language preference.

c. Third of all, enter all the information in your last receipt. This section will ask you about the store’s number, Survey Code’s number, date and time of visit, the orders, and some of the others information. You can see all the information on your receipt.

d. Forth of all, next section will invite you to some of the questions. The questions are about Food quality, cleanliness, service, ease of placing the order, and also the staff management.

e. The fifth of all, you may submit your review and leave your identities such as name, email address and phone number. You may also choose your sweepstakes to decide your prizes.

f. The last, when you win the sweepstakes, you will be sent a coupon or redemption code. The coupon can be exchanged to the entire Mc Donald store in not more than 30 days.

McDVoice Prizes

Are you not satisfied with just a free meal? Don’t worry because Mc Donalds also provide sweepstakes competition with a brilliant prize. You will get a chance to win $100 until $1000 cash and the others great prize. What do you wait? Let’s go to the online survey and chose your prizes!

About Mc Donald

Mc Donald is the most extensive fast food restaurant in the world. It was founded in 1940 in Kentucky, United States. Now, this restaurant was expanded into 35.0000 outlets in around 119 countries in the world. This restaurant serves Fried Chicken, all the variety of Hamburgers, soft drinks, many kinds of beverages, breakfast and lunch item until dessert.

Mc Donald’s Contact Person

You may contact this available information:

a. Office Address: McDonald’s Corporation 2111 McDonald’s Dr Oak Brook, IL 60523 Other McDvoice Resources.

b. Phone numbers: 1-800-244-6227

c. Website:

d. Facebook:

e. Twitter:

After reading all the explanation about McdVoice, you must visit this excellent restaurant and enjoy your meal with your friends there. Then don’t forget to give the review on www mcdvoice com and make sure that you are its winner. Good luck