Losing someone special in our life is such as a sad situation. Moreover, when you lose him/her because he/she betrays you with someone new, you will think that this world is unfair. Well, why do you still cry in your room because of him/her? Come on! You need to change your style and upgrade your performance. Old Navy Fashion Store is the best choice to make you fresh and up to date. Then, you may get a free discount from Feedback4OldNavy and complete your Old Navy Satisfaction Survey. Best luck!

About Old Navy

Old Navy is one of the biggest American Fashion and Accessories store. Its official base is in the California United States. Until now, it has expanded to more than a thousand stores in more than a thousand locations. Even, its branches go around USA, Canada, and even China and Taiwan. Since 1994, it has been offering the style of family-oriented as its store’s concept. As a result, this store becomes the largest fashion and accessories store in the USA.

About Feedback4OldNavy

To be a great fashion store, the management should know both of the latest fashion styles and the customers perceives. But the question is how to know actualize these main ideas? At least, a fashion store management should upgrade their information to know the current issues in fashion. Then, to know the customers perceives, it should come in the middle of them and hear what they want.


As a result, a satisfaction survey is the best choices to know the customers want. In this case, Feedback4OldNavy is the main satisfaction survey from Old Navy Fashion and Accessories store. The customers can site it via online at www.feedback4oldnavy.com. Then, they may join inside and give the assessment related to its store performance.

The steps in Feedback4OldNavy

In general, some online survey portals have several same rules. Alike with it, Feedback4OldNavy provides the same one. Here they are:

• The first (1) step: You should visit the main website. In this step, you need to write www.feedback4oldnavy.com in your internet search devices.

• The second (2) step: Then, you have to send your survey invitation number. This number is available in your current receipt.

• The third (3) step: After that, you may give some information about your current shopping. Even, this site will ask about the store number including with your day and hours of your current shopping.

• The fourth (4) step: This step is the main important. On this occasion, you may start your review by rating some statements. It offers you some like-scale statements. Then, you may rate them in a range one to five. The ranges show your satisfaction from agreeing in strong until disagree in strong.

After that, you may explore your reviews by answering the questions in the next section. After rate section, it will offer you with some descriptive questions about your current shopping.

• The fifth (5) step: In a last, you may give your personal information. In this case, you have to give your true name, address, email and phone numbers.

• The sixth (6) step: Then, you may submit your review by clicking on Submit button on the site. Afterward, you need to wait until the reward code appears on your screen. If it appears, you have to write it down fast on your last receipt.

The qualifications in Feedback4OldNavy

To be a qualified survey taker, you should prepare some qualifications. Here they are:

• At first, you have to prepare a set of computer. Even you may use laptop or Smartphone. • Then, the date of your invitation number is available. • Your device has a stable internet connection. • After that, you are more than 18 years old customer and be the resident of USA, Canada, China and Taiwan. Even, every country has its own rules and qualifications. • The last, you are capable of understanding the basic of English or Spanish.

You have read all information about Feedback4OldNavy and its store management. So, what do you wait for guys? Let’s go there and enjoy your free discount 10% from its survey portals. Great!