McDonalds creates the online survey portal which is called as McdVoice. Are you a part of McDonald's Lover? You don't need to hesitate to be a part of its development. The first thing that you must do is about to find out the nearest location of McDonalds Restaurant, then share your McDonalds Feedback at For the detail information about this online survey, you can visit Carbon Collaborative and catch your real understanding about this customer survey. Enjoy surveying!

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About McDonald's Restaurant

McDonald's is one of the largest American Fast Food Chain. The first operation of this restaurant was in 1940 with its barbecue restaurant style. Year after year, this fast food chain becomes bigger and bigger into some styles of restaurant. With its original flavor and services, this restaurant has been successful in more than three thousand stores worldwide. At least, there are more than a hundred country has walked together with this company.

About McDonalds Near Me

For its specific, McDonalds Restaurant boasts more than 35.000 stores in more than 115 countries across the United States, and the other country in the world. Every day, this restaurant serves more than 68 million customers. McDonald's Outlet runs several kinds of the team member, such as an associate, franchising, and the company itself. Because of a large number of its team, McDonald's created a menu which the customers can find the nearest McDonalds Locations. And, here the steps are:

  • Step one:

At first, the customers should open McDonald's Official Website at Once they reached that website address, they can choose the menu “Locate” at the top right side of the site.

  • Step two:

The second, they should enter the location. At that time, they can state the city or state. Or even, they can locate by the zip code.

  • Step three:

Then, they can select the miles involved. The miles choices have been available from 5 to 50 miles of your current position.

  • Step four:

You may click on your order choices. In this case, you can choose between Mobile Ordering, Deals, Drive-Thru, and much more choices.

  • Step five:

At last, you can click on “Submit” button. Even if you dislike this way, you can select the simple one by lead the site locate your position. To deal this way, you can click on the menu “Locate Me”. This site will automatically search the nearest McDonald's Location based on your position.

Another way that you can do is about to find out through Google Map Application. You may open or visit its website and locate McDonalds Near Me. On the search bar, you only need to write down McDonalds Near Me, and the map will lead you to find the best one.

About McdVoice

McdVoice is the online customer survey which is held by McDonald's, Inc. Mcdonald's Customer can access McdVoice Survey at Through this online survey portal, they can share their feedback and assess McDonald's Performance. Without wasting their much time, McDonalds Survey only spends around five to ten minutes. Is that great?

About McdVoice Step by Step

After knowing what McdVoice is, it is the turn to learn about the step by step in this guest satisfaction survey. At first, the survey takers should be sure that they have a stable internet connection so they can run all McdVoice Survey Sections without any connection troubles. And here the step by step is:

  • Step one, the survey takers can visit Once they got the McdVoice Survey Landing Page, they can choose the preferred languages. At first, it will be available in English, but when you are not confident with it, you can choose it to Espanol.
  • Step two: they can start the survey by write down 26-digit numbers of McdVoice Survey Code. Even if you don't have the code, you can click on the menu above the picture. Once you clicked on that menu, the site will allow starting McdVoice by giving some information about McDonalds Store Number, Date and Time of visit, Amount Spent, and much more.
  • Step three: You can complete a series of questionnaires. In this case, you will meet two sections of the survey. Those are the like-scale questionnaire, and open-ended questionnaires which you can write down your issues and recommendations.
  • Step four: At last, the validation code will appear on your screen. You may write it down on your McDonald's Receipt. Before it, you can support your feedback on your personal information such as your name, email, and phone numbers.

By joining McdVoice, the survey takers will get the opportunity to win McDonald's Coupon Code. As a high appreciation for the survey, they can enjoy a free meal based on the amount of that McDonalds Coupon. So what do you wait for guys? Let's Join McdVoice Survey and take its coupon.