You have to concern to several issues regarding the food you eat. You must consider whether you eat the healthy or unhealthy food. It is because some tasty food can be the poison in your stomach. Nowadays, there are many modified food. Perhaps the taste of this food is delicious. But, sometimes it can harm your body. Another food issue is the vegetarianism. The vegan indulges in the abstinence from the animal food. Some people become the vegan because of the spiritual ascent. Besides, other people only follow the trend. Then, we have to decide what is the best directive to achieve the healthy living?

Every person is connected to the ground of the birth. Hence, the health of each person depends on the food which is produced from the soil. Besides, the quality of the food also depends on the harvest time. This way, you can have the maximum benefits if you consume the food produced in the season. For instance, in the season of yam, many people will consume this kind of food. Strawberry will be consumed more in the time of strawberry harvest.


But, you have to note that the cosmic duties of the animals are the provision of the food for the human. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you eat the animal. But, the most important thing is not to make the animal feel suffered unnecessarily. Even those animals are not the pet, we have to treat them with love. The evolution of the millennia tends to move from the animal protein. Besides, others try to move gradually. They switch the red meat into white meat. As the example, they stop eating beef. They prefer eating chicken or fish. Some of them also move to eat the seafood. Then, Finally, they become the vegetarians.

In fact, there is nothing wrong to be a vegetarian. As long as they consume the balanced diet, they can be healthy. It is because we can get the protein intake not only from the animal meat. We also can get the protein from the vegetable or nuts. We can say that this kind of protein is much healthier. It contains less cholesterol. So, it does not matter if we consume much vegetable and nuts. But, the expert recommends having the vegetable diet within twenty-one days. This way, we can achieve the purification. It also helps you to alleviate several ailments. So, you can be a vegetarian as long as your health requires it.

In short, vegetarianism will not increase the spirituality. It may be able to hamper it. Sometimes it can weaken your body. You have to note that the nutrient in the vegetables may not give the energy as much as the meat gives. So, if you want to have the strong body, you still need to consume the meat. But, eating the red meat too much is also not good. You should have the balanced diet in order to maintain your health. You should contact the pediatrician if necessary. This way, you can discuss the nutrient that your body needs.